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We welcome you with large bathrooms and view of the Northern Alps and a dining room!


Located next to the Higashitateyama gondola station, the hotel is well positioned for both the green and white seasons. Why not experience an extraordinary world in the dining room or guest room with a spectacular view of the 1600 m altitude? In winter, you can put on your skis and go straight to the ski slopes from the front door. You can return directly to the ski slopes.

  • Japanese-style bed room with a view of the North Alps Overlooking magnificent nature

  • Example dinner Seasonal dishes with seasonal ingredients.

  • Men's large public bath, observation bath

  • Hoppo Hot Springs is a rare "steam spa" that collects high-temperature steam from the bedrock and passes it through water to create a hot spring.

Ryokan information
Check-in: 15:30 ~
Check-out: ~ 09:30
Address:Shiga Kogen Hoppo Onsen, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture

T E L :0269342334

U R L :
Room Types
Western style room(3)  Japanese style room(48)  Western/Japanese style room(0)  Total(51)
Room Features
Television, bidet-toilet, lavatory, tea set, safe, rubbing alcohol.
Meals served in guest room
Breakfast:No  Dinner:No
Private/Reserved Dining Hall
Breakfast:Yes  Dinner:No
Hot Springs
Hot spring:Yes  Family(private) bath:No  Open air(outdoor bath):No  Open air(outdoor bath) in guest room:No
Description of Baths
Hoppo hot spring (Steam is collected in a kiln, stream water is put in and made into a hot spring and taken out) Simple sulphur hot spring (hydrogen sulphide type) Indications Rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, bruise, sprain, etc.
Y Small towel N Body wash
N Hair dryer Y Bidet
Y Toothbrush,Toothpaste Y Soap
Y Down comforter N Hair brush,Comb
Y Large towel Y Yukata
N Shaver N Shampoo(Shampoo/Conditioner)
N Shower cap N Conditioner
Other Amenities
Amenities may vary depending on the plan. Please check the plan details.
Vending machine,Shop
Copier,Fax,Postal service
Facility Information
A panoramic view of the Northern Alps An experience of being enchanted
by a moving sunset and surrounded by magnificent nature. Hoppo Onsen Iwasuge Hotel is located next to the Higashidateyama gondola lift station and has a very good view of the Northern Alps.
Hiking, mountain climbing and trekking while experiencing the beautiful fresh green spring,
cool summer and melancholy autumn leaves, and skiing and snowboarding in winter can be enjoyed to the full.
In addition, you can bathe 24 hours a day in the large baths with a view where you can feel the changing of the seasons.
Groups and families can enjoy themselves all year round at the Shiga Kogen Haimo Onsen Iwasuge Hotel.
Available; 20 vehicles on a first-come, first-served basis, free of charge.
Credit Cards Accepted
VISA,UC,DC,NICOS,Master Card. Credit card payment is not acceptable for some plans.

Inquiries via Telephone


Please call between 8:30~17:00/ Available all year round (Subject to temporary closures)

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